Pool and Patio Storage Centers

The Hutches in this collection can be fully customized to store your outdoor living accessories in stylish shelters that complement their surroundings. Items such as lawn and garden tools, BBQ accessories, toys, deck furniture and pool supplies can all be accommodated using the available array of shelves, racks and hooks, or install your own using the exposed wood stud walls. Available in a wide choice of colours.
  • Multi-Function Hutch

    $1,195.00 --------
    The Multi-Function Hutch is a versatile storage unit that can be fully customized to create your own Outdoor Living Storage Center. A garden shed, outdoor kitchen pantry, or a spot for all of your bbq or pool accessories are ju...
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  • Tall Multi-Function Hutch

    $1,349.00 --------
    Need to go higher? This Hutch is the vertically stretched version of the twin door Multi-Function Hutch. The fully customizable extra space allows for a couple of upright bins plus blue and black boxes, shelves, racks, or hooks...
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  • Tall Multi-Function - 4' depth

    $0.00 storage
    This Multi-Function Hutch has an internal storage space that is 46" deep with a height ranging from 66" (5 1/2') at the door opening to 78" (6 1/2") at the back wall. Footprint dimension is 49 1/4" deep with a maximum outside d...
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  • Horizontal Bike Hutch

    $0.00 storage
    This Multi-Function Hutch has an internal storage space that is 6' wide x 3' deep with a door opening of approximately 5'. Exterior footprint dimension is 6' 5" wide x 3' 6" deep with a height at the back of approximately 6' 3"...
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