Recycling and Refuse Bin Centers

The Hutches in this collection are designed to hide and protect recycling and refuse bins from a single green bin right up to several different bin shapes and sizes, under one roof. A variety of sizes are offered to suit the appropriate number and size of bin(s) and/or your space requirement. 

Like all Urban Shed products, choices are available from a colour palette that allows your hutch to reflect your outdoor image and style. High quality construction using natural materials. The look and feel of wood, because it is wood!   

  • Double Bin Hutch

    $999.00 --------
    Like all Urban Shed Co products, the double bin hutch is available in a wide choice of colours that complement your unique home. This two door hutch provides a home for two bins or that extra outdoor storage space you require. ...
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  • Triple Hutch

    $1,249.00 --------
    The Triple Hutch provides stylish shelter for any combination of 3 of the following: a medium to large waste bin, a medium bin (green bin size) or two recycling boxes shelved vertically. Typically there is room left over for ot...
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  • Multi-Function Hutch - Refuse and Recycling Series

    $1,195.00 --------
    The Multi-Function Hutch as a Refuse and Recycle Center is a taller version of the Double Hutch with taller doors and a fixed roof. The extra height allows for the lid of a full size green bin or typical large waste can to be o...
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  • Tall Multi-Function Hutch

    $1,349.00 --------
    Need to go higher? This Hutch is the vertically stretched version of the twin door Multi-Function Hutch. The fully customizable extra space allows for a couple of upright bins plus blue and black boxes, shelves, racks, or hooks...
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