• Double Bin Hutch

    $999.00 --------
    Like all Urban Shed Co products, the double bin hutch is available in a wide choice of colours that complement your unique home. This two door hutch provides a home for two bins or that extra outdoor storage space you require. ...
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  • Garden Planters - In Stock

    $0.00 --------
     SOLD OUT!  The Window Box Planter Stand Series are designed to house standard sized window boxes that are available at most garden centers and home improvement stores. Please inquire for more information.  The Garden Planter ...
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  • Multi-Function Hutch

    $1,195.00 --------
    The Multi-Function Hutch is a versatile storage unit that can be fully customized to create your own Outdoor Living Storage Center. A garden shed, outdoor kitchen pantry, or a spot for all of your bbq or pool accessories are ju...
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  • Multi-Function Hutch - Refuse and Recycling Series

    $1,195.00 --------
    The Multi-Function Hutch as a Refuse and Recycle Center is a taller version of the Double Hutch with taller doors and a fixed roof. The extra height allows for the lid of a full size green bin or typical large waste can to be o...
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  • Porch Double Hutch

    $899.00 --------
    The Porch Double Hutch was created to accommodate any combination of two of the following:                                                                     small to medium waste bin (77L) a pair of recycling boxes (i.e. blu...
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  • Tall Multi-Function Hutch

    $1,349.00 --------
    Need to go higher? This Hutch is the vertically stretched version of the twin door Multi-Function Hutch. The fully customizable extra space allows for a couple of upright bins plus blue and black boxes, shelves, racks, or hooks...
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  • Triple Hutch

    $1,249.00 --------
    The Triple Hutch provides stylish shelter for any combination of 3 of the following: a medium to large waste bin, a medium bin (green bin size) or two recycling boxes shelved vertically. Typically there is room left over for ot...
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