Custom Tall - XL

Custom Tall - XL

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This modified Tall Hutch was created to maximize the use of a specific space in a garden area along the side of a home. While maintaining the standard Tall's double-door configuration, this version is deeper and wider. With an overall width of 74” (6' 2"), height at rear of 82” (6’ 10”), depth of 32” (2’ 8”) and access through a pair of 24” x 66” (2’ x 5 ½’) doors, this hutch can readily accommodate a large collection of recycling/waste bins and boxes and lawn and garden accessories. Wooden stud wall construction provides sturdy support for rack systems, shelves and hooks in a variety of configurations.

Other features include a lockable slide bolt and forged iron handles on the doors, all cedar frame construction and factory finished plank siding in "Pepperwood" colour. The pepperwood was matched up with “Timber” solid stain for trim and roof and accented with a "Shell white" sash across the doors. Contact us for an estimate.


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