Custom Triple Reduction

Custom Triple Reduction

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This modified Triple Hutch was created to fit into a defined space on a back deck to allow quick access to waste and recycling bins and save a trip to the garage. Depth was reduced so as to not interfere with walk-thru space, while the width was narrowed and height increased a few inches to allow for lid swing and fit within the structure of the privacy wall.

Overall width was trimmed from the standard 73" to 62” but still allows for a 22” door for a large waste bin, and a set of double doors that reveal a 29” opening. With an opening lid, a box sitting on the shelf can be lifted out the top. This allows for a higher shelf position and room for a taller recycling box to sit underneath.

Overall dimensions are 62" (5' 2") wide, 27" deep (2'3") with a max. height at the rear of 55" (4' 7").  

Other features include lockable slide bolts on the doors, all cedar frame construction and Maibec factory finished "pepperwood" V-Joint siding. The pepperwood was matched up with a custom green solid stain for trim and roof. Contact us for an estimate.


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