Multi-Function Hutch - Refuse and Recycling Series

Multi-Function Hutch - Refuse and Recycling Series

by The URBAN Shed Co $1,195.00

The Multi-Function Hutch as a Refuse and Recycle Center is a taller version of the Double Hutch with taller doors and a fixed roof. The extra height allows for the lid of a full size green bin or typical large waste can to be opened from the inside rather than moving the bin forward or having to open a top lid like that of the shorter Double or Triple Hutches. The extra height also allows for shelving above these type of bins in order to make functional use of the loft area above. Adjustable shelving allows for accommodation of recycling bins of various sizes.   

Outside dimensions are 53" wide x 32" deep x 71" tall at the back ridge. Access is via a pair of 22" wide x 55" tall doors with black surface mount hinges and an exterior lockable barrel bolt. Other standard features include an integrated painted pressure treated plywood base, and a fixed, lap-strake style steel roof.  

For additional functionality, the fully customizable interior space allows for the installation of a multitude of shelving and hook/rack configurations via three vertical stud supports on the back wall, two on each side wall and an optional vertical shelf support post.  

Like all Urban Shed Co products, the Multi-Function Hutch is available in a wide choice of standard colours that complement your unique home. Fully built and assembled using natural materials such as Western red cedar and Maibec factory finished siding. (These are not put it together yourself kits!)


Starting at $899.

Options available:

  • Half Depth Shelf: $20
  • Full Depth Shelf: $25
  • Full Depth, Full Width Shelf: $40
  • Door shelf: $15 
  • Full Depth Shelf w/ full extension slide–out: $60 (requires vertical support post) 
  • Full width Rack with up to 6 hooks - $15  
  • Half width Rack with up to 3 hooks - $10   
  • Motion activated LED dome light - $20

For further information or a quotation please email or call us at 613-204-9675.


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