Porch Double Hutch

Porch Double Hutch

by The URBAN Shed Co $899.00

The Porch Double Hutch was created to accommodate any combination of two of the following:                                                                    

  • small to medium waste bin (77L)
  • a pair of recycling boxes (i.e. blue or black)
  • the smaller, lighter style green bin

Access is via a pair of  29" high x 20" wide doors and a hinged lid with support arm. Recycling boxes may rest on the top frame for easy access via the lid.  

Dimensions are 48" wide x 38" high x 28" deep, (if placed right against a wall, a few of inches are required at the top rear for lid swing).

Features include a lockable slide bolt on the front doors and all wood construction with a Western Red cedar frame.

Available in standard colours (refer to Colour Gallery) or custom colours.

Looks and feels like wood, because it is wood!



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